Efficient Alternatives to Petrol – Part Two

Nowadays there are a multitude of engines and fuel sources for our vehicles. Each has their upsides and downsides. This article is meant to be a reference in helping you choose the best powertrain/energy source for your lifestyle. Today, we discuss the merits and drawbacks of hybrid cars.


Hybrids are a great choice for the environment. They produce less carbon dioxide emissions, and are very efficient, particularly in city driving – even beating out diesels in urban environments that feature a lot of stop and go traffic. If your lifestyle involves significantly more city driving than highway driving, a hybrid might very well be the car for you. It needs to be said, however, that how one drives a hybrid has a large effect on efficiency. Really pushing a hybrid powertrain quickly drains its battery packs, forcing the engine to kick in and work hard, which burns more petrol.


In Israel, there is not much diversity in the hybrid segment; our market features either iterations of the Toyota Prius or the Honda Insight. In general, the Toyotas are mechanically excellent and employ advanced technology, but are expensive to repair whereas the Hondas are cheap to repair but make use of more basic technology. If you’re looking for a hybrid to transport more than 5 people in Israel, your sole option is essentially the Toyota Prius +, but that’s not a bad thing! Not is it the same price as the Mazda 5, another 7-seater, it uses half as much fuel, and Prius buyers are eligible for government subsidies. In addition, discounts on the Prius + may be found on zvicars.com*.

Visit our website at www.zvicars.com to view additional incentives beyond the 12% when you buy P2P, or call us to explore your options for a car at (972) 02-991-3115. For those interested in researching the car buying process in Israel, check out our ‘How to Buy a Car’ page at www.zvicarsblog.wordpress.com

*when available.

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