Whether you’ve just arrived to Israel, been here for 30 years, or are a first time buyer. Buying a used car is pretty much akin to a poker game. Keep your head, keep your focus and you’ll win. You might have noticed dealers in Israel are not as polite and helpful as abroad. You have also probably felt overwhelmed searching on Yad 2 (Popular national website for buying cars). Here’s a few fail-safe pointers when deciding on a car that we at Zvi Cars feel will aid you.

  1. Leave your ego at home. Cars in Israel often are 200-300% more expensive that they are abroad. In other words, it might be best to stop dreaming about aspirational vehicles or those that would hoist you up the social rung. Bear in mind, the sweet spot in Israel is a reliable people mover that won’t chuck you into overdraft and plaque you with maintenance issues.

    Be practical and sensible; do not buy a model because the dealership is offering a holiday for two or a low interest scheme. Identify a vehicle that suits your needs before subjecting yourself to an onslaught of marketing.


  2. Bring your significant other with you! You’ll want them not only to be on board with your purchase, but their opinions could be invaluable.
  3. Find the used car’s true market value at ‘Levi Yitzchak’ also known as Mechiron or blue book. Levi Yitzchak releases a copy of used car price guides every month. You may also check Yad 2, although it is not industry standard. Yad 2 has it’s own price list for advertising on their website. Private sellers often quote the Yad 2 because it is higher. All dealers and insurance companies use Levi Yitzchak. The proper price for a certain used vehicle is not necessarily the one indicated in the Mechiron – this gives you just an average price. It’s ‘guide book’, not a ‘rule book’. The actual value of the vehicle depends on a car’s condition. The price is based on, among other things, mileage, age of the car, number of previous owners, accidents, etc. All these factors are converted into the price the car is worth.


  4. Beware of scams and dealers selling substandard cars. The most frequently asked question amongst Israeli car buyers is: “has it been in an accident?” If a car has been damaged in a collision, even if it has been repaired by the manufacturer it could compromise the safety of the vehicle. Expect the price to be discounted by 10 – 50% depending on damaged caused.

    Visit our website at to view additional incentives beyond the 12% when you buy P2P, or call us to explore your options for a car at (972) 02-991-3115. For those interested in researching the car buying process in Israel, check out our ‘How to Buy a Car’ page at

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