Passport 2 Passport – Oleh Rights Explained

As a new immigrant you can save money by invoking your Olim rights for new cars.

Passport to Passport is the transaction of a pre-owned car (Yad 2) Olim to Olim, where the seller can pass his or her Oleh discount on to the buyer. New Olim have three years to buy passport to passport from the day they immigrate.

You will save between 8% and 12% off the MSRP/Mechiron value. Passport to Passport transactions hold the following restrictions: 

  • 4 years need to elapse from date of purchase before you sell to an Israeli citizen.
  • Only two drivers are permitted to drive the vehicle.

We recommend you only use your rights for expensive cars such as minivans, executive saloons, and sports cars, where the saving are significant. We can help you save money on most cars without the Olim restrictions.

We are frequently asked if 12% is the maximum allowable discount the government gives. The answer is: the government gives more money to Olim and less discounts on cars than it used to, so deductions do not top 12%

Visit our website at to view additional incentives beyond the 12% when you buy P2P, or call us to explore your options for a car at (972) 02-991-3115. For those interested in researching the car buying process in Israel, check out our ‘How to Buy a Car’ page at

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